The Group, SegaLoya have been dancing together for 6 years and they hope to bring to you some of the joy and excitement that Sega and Maloya dances bring to them.

They have dancers from all different backgrounds, Reunion, Mauritius, New Caledonia, China and Australia! SegaLoya welcomes all dancers of any age, of any ability who want to have fun! SegaLoya have, over time,  have added other dance styles including Bollywood and Afropop to their repertoire.

They perform at all types of events (multicultural events, school events, engagement parties, cultural festivals etc.)



Sega is a traditional dance style which hails from the islands of Reunion, Mauritius and Seychelles. It originated from the ritual music of Madagascar and the African Mainland.

Maloya is a dance style that has its roots from Reunion island and can often be told apart from Sega, by its use of wooden instruments only and rhythmic patterns. Both styles of dance reflect the culture and way of life of the islands; get up, be lively and dance for joy!

As you will see, Sega and Maloya are danced in a really big skirt! it is a beautiful feeling to wave your skirt around and create hypnotic patterns. Both dance styles are a whole body workout; but in particular; the hips!